Will China Be The Final Space War Zone?

In 2021 NASA made a rather interesting announcement. They had planned to place four unmanned probes on space rocks in preparation for a possible military space battle with the Chinese. The problem was, while all the media outlets carried the story, none of them mentioned that these space rocks were actually part of a program to test “Satellites in Space.” And that’s important because space is not the final war zone; nor is outer space. Yes, we all know that it is only a matter of time before humans step on the moon, but that doesn’t mean we are going to turn the entire space program into a giant space race against China.

That said, it is not the Chinese that should be worried. It is Americans who have been developing space weapons and technologies in preparation of a final space war. So, if China does go space and they win, then the US will lose their last war in the Middle East and all of the nations surrounding that region will be war-weary. No doubt, this will cause all sorts of problems in the future, as American power projection in the Middle East will come to a virtual standstill. Will China’s military buildup allow them to take over all of those nations along with Afghanistan and Iraq?

Now then, let’s consider if this whole space race thing isn’t a big joke. Well, no, it’s not. There is a very real potential war between the United States and China in outer space and it has been brewing for quite some time. What is the potential war against China? Well, it’s the one between Chinese satellites that are orbiting the Earth right now and American satellites that are also orbiting the Earth.

That means that there will be an eventual collision between two space crafts. Of course, there is always the potential for collisions between man made air crafts and those of the other side. However, if the Chinese spacecraft doesn’t win the space race, then who will?

In fact, if the Chinese do win the space race, they will do so by launching long, thin, skinny satellites that are very hard to see from the ground. They will send those satellites into space where they are so hard to detect that nobody will be on the ground to find out about it. Then when the US satellite detects it, then it will be a dogfight between the spacecraft and the American satellite. Yes, that is what is likely to happen in the final war zone between man and space.

As we have noted previously, China has very advanced technology in its own backyard in terms of launching this sort of satellites into space. Now that they have the edge on technology there is nothing that the US cannot do, especially with the space race going on and China joining in. Therefore, it is quite possible that within the next ten years, the final war zone between man and space may be nothing more than a space race to build up technological superiority. Please consider all this.

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